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Er teknologi på jeres ledelses-agenda

Jeg møder ofte direktioner og ledergrupper hvor teknologi er nærmest fraværende på agendaen. Tag blot det offentliges udfordringer med at effektivisere 2% om året. Det volder store problemer for skoler, gymnasier, hospitaler osv. men det burde innovativ ny teknologi kunne løse relativt nemt.

Men hvad er det så man skal drøfte?

Jo et bud kunne være nedenstående liste – hvordan høster I fordelene af disse 9 hotte nye teknologier?

Augmented reality will be far more significant than virtual reality because it will shape the way we look at and interact with the world around us.

  1. Image recognition and mapping technologies will be deployed across the auto industry as traditional car manufacturers adapt to self-driving vehicles.
  2. The problems associated with online security and fraud detection will continue to deepen, with major implications for government and enterprises, and mobile and e-commerce.
  3. The digitization of education is happening via practical applications that integrate into the existing system, including teaching and training applications as well as gaming.
  4. Drones are gaining adoption in commercial environments and companies at the forefront will be well placed to expand into consumer applications in the future.
  5. The smart home is developing through a range of affordable consumer products including lightbulb speakers, smart lighting, flexible security sensors and garden sensors.
  6. As computing becomes more closely integrated into the human experience, new applications of smart sensors are possible, including sweat analysis, earbuds, eye authentication and holograms.
  7. There continue to be major market opportunities in e-commerce as fashion becomes increasingly mobile and social.
  8. Artificial intelligence is supporting greater efficiency in knowledge work, which involves handling data or information, including bots and within sales and marketing.
  9. Space technology continues to advance in areas such as space satellite propulsion and mining.


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