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Tune Hein has been among the top business speakers in Scandinavia since he launched the Learning Organization and other bestseller books. He was first to launch leadership execution and disruption in Scandinavia. Now he is introducing Future of Work.

He speaks about Disruption, Leadership, Change and Future of Work – for executives, leaders, employees, talents, customers – and also for educational organizations preparing the next generation for the future to come.

Our key note presentations

What drives Digital Transformation?

Disruption is when a company challenges existing business models through radical innovation – something everybody must consider. Tune Hein will guide the way through the maze of disruption and digital transformation, pointing out patterns in the wave of new business models, innovations and entrepreneurship threatening most industries. We all know the stories of Airbnb, Apple and Tesla who disrupted their respective industries. BUT it will happen to your organization too – very soon!

You’ve probably heard of unicorns, exponential curves, singularity and why uber is the world’s largest taxi company without owning a car … There’s a lot of things you can put into disruption – but we want to make it understandable. Our mission is to make disruption tangible, so you can work with it. Prepare. Because it is important. Because your customers will move too.
Our point of view is from the established business. After all, that’s where most of us work … The good news are that in the jungle of future, there are  patterns. And if you know them, you can much better prepare for the digital future, and exploit it to your benefit. For example:

  • The technologies that cause disruption
  • Paradigm-shifts driving disruption
  • What can we do to be ready for disruption?
  • Why is digitalization is happening just now?
  • What can we learn from the industries that were hit first?

This is an inspiring and informative keynote speak, that will serve as a wakeup call for both management and employees, enabling you to face the challenge and capture the opportunities.

Disrupt or Die – the new strategies

The digital transformation causes new challenges for all leaders and organizations. Jim Snabe (formerly CEO of SAP) states that any company risk getting its core business disrupted within just 3-5 years. This is the scenario we all must face and relate to. How robust are we if it happens? What scenarios could happen? What technologies will impact our industry? What new business models will emerge? What paradigm shift? What convergence? These are the patterns and opportunities we show, so you and can see the scenarios you may need to prepare for. Based on the bestselling book “Disrupt or Die”.

This is keynote speak challenges our leadership thinking as well as offering thoughts on the future. Change will never be this slow again. And you will get lots of examples of where the future has already begun and how to prepare yourself for it.

  • What are the must-win-battles to survive the disruption?
  • Innovation – Which processes work best for corporate innovation?
  • Strategy model for how to encounter disruption
  • New digital Business Models and strategies to choose from
  • The pattern for how a new player enters your market
  • The journeys your customers may take…
  • Leadership challenges – a clear pattern for mastering disruption

Future of Work and Leadership

Our new book is called “Disrupt Yourself” It highlights how disruption and digitization will affect organizations, workplaces and individual jobs. We all know that 3D print and artificial intelligence are coming – but what does it mean for your job? What does digitization mean for motivation? And the coming generations? And hence for leadership when organisations change… And for HR 4.0

This speak will show what future workplace and organizations we all need to prepare for and benefit from.

Leading Change and Execution

Leadership with a Nordic touch as inspiration. And how to shift the focus from debates and planning to execution. What are the secrets behind the organizations which can fully execute their strategies?

But good execution require good change management. This is about getting people aboard. About turning the psychology to advantage instead of resistance.  About understanding the patterns of change.

Professional background

Tune has worked globally as a strategic leadership advisor for Accenture and Right Management.

American Express, Danish Courts, Dong, Hasbro, IBM, Microsoft, IBM, Nestlé, Nordea, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, WHO and Schools of Denmark have been among the customers – to keynote speaks from board to factory floor. From leaders, talents and HR to customer seminars.

Tune is educated in civil engineering (DTU), business degree (CBS) and strategy at IMD.

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